I have been privileged over my career to work with some extraordinarily talented individuals. These have been with me as post-graduate students and post doctoral researchers

Ex-postdoctoral researchers:

Ex-postgraduate students:

  1. Li Nana Male sexually selected traits of the barn swallows Hirundo rustica gutturalis in China CSC graduated 2018
  2. Liu Yu Sexual selection strategy of Northeastern Chinese Barn Swallows CSC graduated 2017
  3. Gregory Harrison-Carey Climate change effects on UK woodlands: can species interactions mitigate the impacts of increased drought? QMUL, graduated 2016
  4. Laura Richardson Sustainability of the Cornish Lobster Fishery ESF 2012 – 2012 
  5. Iqer Vaquero-Alba Barn Swallow dynamic signalling EU graduated 2011
  6. Marcos Lima House Sparrows in Brazil, a genetic and ecological study of an invasive species. Alban & ORSAS 2006 – 2008
  7. Jan Stilapa Chameleon bio-geography and speciation in Kenya. Self funded, graduated 2011
  8. Maud Bonato Ostrich chick growth and immunity. NRF, graduated 2008
  9. Lorna Shaw Understanding the causes of urban house sparrow population decline. NERC Ind CASE, graduated 2009
  10. Viv Fowler Impacts of Chemical Discharges (Point Source and Diffuse) on the Reproductive Biology of the Bullhead (Cottus gobio) and Dipper (Cinclus cinclus) in the Tamar Catchment NERC Industrial CASE , graduated 2008
  11. Simon Pickett Sexy males and healthy offspring NERC, CASE, graduated 2007
  12. Owen Joiner Ecology and behaviour of The Madagascar Teal Independently Funded 2004 – 2006
  13. Mhairi MacFarlane Behaviour and conservation of Sugarbirds in the Cape Province, South Africa Leverhulme Trust, graduated 2006
  14. Mairead MacLean Impact of predation by domestic cats on bird and small mammal populations IFAW, graduated 2006
  15. Kirsty McIntyre (originally taken on by Dr. D. Tompkins) The impact of H. gallinae on pheasants NERC, graduated 2004
  16. Mark Roberts Separating the effects of testosterone and corticosterone on immune function NERC, graduated 2005
  17. Mark Trinder Survival, life-time reproductive success and fitness in wrens NERC, graduated 2003
  18. Bev Arnold The role of elongated tails in gliding and turning flight NERC, graduated 2001
  19. Nils Koesters Life history evolution in mites University studentship, graduated 2002
  20. Karen Spencer State dependent reproductive behaviour NERC , graduated 2000
  21. Louise Rowe The aerodynamic effect of tail elongations in hirundines Stirling University, graduated 1999
  22. Robert Nudds Energetics of short flights NERC, graduated 1999
  23. Amanda Fox Mate choice in red grouse NERC, graduated 1999
  24. Andy Hall Energetics of ornamentation, graduated 1998
  25. Sasha Norris (supervision completed by Prof. A. Kacelnik) The role of testosterone in signalling and immune function NERC, graduated 1999
  26. Joe Burn The mating system of wrens NERC, graduated 1996