Finishing line in sight

Finishing line in sight

So I am down to the last week. I finally paid my tax – it was 15% of the final salary figure! Not until after some more craziness. I turned up at Revenue Tower on Friday after the typhoon closure was followed by a holiday. All was in order, but ‘no Sir you cannot pay it here, it is too much money’. Seriously! This is the Inland Revenue and they cannot deal with accepting the sums of money needed to pay tax bills. So I had to find a branch of my bank, pay the bill there, return to Revenue Tower to get the receipt saying I had discharged my taxation responsibilities into Hong Kong.The highlight of last week was being taken to an Indian restaurant in Tsim Sha Tsui by the ecology and biodiversity group. A great evening with fabulous North Indian food at ‘Hello India’. The next day was a very different vibe, another dinner this time at Salisterra overlooking Hong Kong Island, with the Deans of Arts and Social Sciences, both great friends.

The view of the harbour and Hong Kong city from Salisterra, a lot of energy being wasted

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