Final chores

Final chores

It turns out that leaving Hong Kong is quite complicated. As it does not have a withholding tax the authorities are paranoid about you leaving without paying the tax that you owe. So they instruct your employer to hold back your pay until you can prove that you have paid your taxes. Nice when you have a lot of bills to pay. Unbelievably it has taken HKU 8 weeks to work out how much they will pay me by the time I leave. I then take this information to the Inland Revenue Department, it then takes them ten days to work out my tax. Odd as Hong Kong tax is a flat 15% you would imagine a five minute calculation (if that). I had hoped to get that today but we have a typhoon which has taken out the day. Tomorrow is a holiday so I have to get onto it on Friday.

Very sad to hear that HKU has decided that the Pillar of Shame must go, the last memorial to the June 4th 1989 deaths in Tiananmen Square. I suppose it was inevitable as the university rapidly sinifies, but it is a shame. The picture here is of the White Rose Memorial to the students who opposed the Nazi regime and were killed in 1943. It is at Ludwig Maximillian University where they studied.

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