In memoriam

In memoriam

We held a celebration of the life of Brian Morton on Saturday this week. Brian started in HKU in the early 1970s and was the pioneer of marine science in Hong Kong. Among other things he founded what is now the Swire Institute of Marine Sciences. He spent his entire career at HKU, retiring in 2003 but remaining an Emeritus Professor. By all accounts not always an easy character but clearly an influential one. This influence could be seen by the number of people who turned up or sent messages to the event.

In other news this week, I made the presentation to the Budget Resource Committee on Friday, with the Faculty’s plans for the coming year. It also allowed me to show how well we had met the targets that were set in 2017 when the Faculty’s strategic plan was launched. The only targets we missed were taken away from us when UGC decided to move the eligibility date forwards and so cut off all of our new recruits. Despite this we ended up with the best overall quality scores in Hong Kong, top place in three disciplines (Chemistry, Earth Sciences and Mathematics), second in one (Physics) and third in another (Biology). Which compares to third overall in 2014, top place in two subjects, and 4th 5th and 6th in the other three. Pretty impressive improvement I would say.

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