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Another week of quarantine and some old stories

Another week of quarantine and some old stories

It has been a week of quarantine, I arrived in Hong Kong a week ago and negotiated the immigration hurdles at the airport. I counted over 20 separate stations to fill in some form, provide some piece information or perform some duty. Everything from providing the samples to be tested, to having your phone number rung. This was all to be expected.

What was more of a surprise was to see hundreds of hits on this website. Apparently an ex-QMUL employee now based in Mexico has continued to stalk me and has decided to get himself involved in recent restructurings in the UK. He felt that it was acceptable to drag me into this, and in his latest tweeting has linked my blog about it. The fact that he continues to do this almost ten years after the events at Queen Mary, is sad frankly. If he spent as much time on his own work as he does relentless following my activities, he would probably be a much better scientist.

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