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Under Mount Kenya

Under Mount Kenya

Now two weeks into the trip back to Hong Kong, I have taken up residence in the house of one of my oldest friends. I am lucky that this sits just below Mount Kenya and everyday I can see the mountain sitting splendid not far off. As Kenya has now gone into its own lockdown there is very little contact with the outside world, just four of us here. One of the assembled company is a young man Evans, named after me by my friend. This given name is my family name, this is due to the common error in this part of the world that I am in fact Dr Matthews. Maybe that could be a suitable alter ego! Anyway Evans hopes to become an astronomer, an unlikely ambition for a Kenyan. But I have managed to get him a promise of an internship at HKU, which will be great for him to decide whether this is really something he wishes to pursue.

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