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Grant results

Grant results

The results of the applications to the Research Grants Council were released a few days ago. The Faculty has done genuinely well with almost 70 funded projects this year with a success rate of somewhat over 50%. As usual there will be some who feel disappointed that they have not been funded, but overall this is a success. Sadly on 2nd July the Faculty had its first resignation in response to the National Security Law, a relatively new hire who just felt that he could no longer continue in Hong Kong under these conditions. As an expat he felt more vulnerable in Hong Kong than he was comfortable with, and has decided to leave. There will be more repercussions I am sure of the new law, some positive and some negative. I was interviewed about the implications of the national security law this week by Science https://www.sciencemag.org/news/2020/07/hong-kong-universities-rattled-new-security-law.

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