Matthew R. Evans

Advisor to the Vice-Chancellor 
and Professor of Ecology
at United Arab Emirates University

United Arab Emirates University

My current role is in the UAE, where I am the advisor to the VC. Specifically I am helping UAEU become a research intensive university. It aims to be a significant player in regional higher education in the next five years. As an institution that was only founded in 1976 it has been focussed on teaching and now realises that to raise its standing it needs to focus on research as well as teaching.

UAEU is a fully comprehensive university with about 20,000 students across nine faculties

Professor of Ecology

I have wide research interests in ecology, behaviour and conservation. My main interest at present is how we will predict the effects of environmental change on the natural world. What makes climate change one of the 21st century‚Äôs priority issues is its impact, rather than any direct change in climate. There is an urgent need to predict the nature and scale of these impacts on the biological world and currently we do not have the tools and approaches to undertake this task. My earlier work was much more behavioural and I continue to conduct work in the field of behavioural ecology, most notably on swallows. My research has taken me all around the world and I have run projects in many countries, having started with my PhD work in Kenya.