SORTIE UK Data Files

This page links to the data files that have been created to parameterise SORTIE for the UK. The majority of the data come from Wytham Woods but this has been augmented from Alice Holt. These have been published in various papers but here we maintain up to date versions of the data used in these papers. All files are tab delimited text files which can be downloaded or cut and paste into a spreadsheet.

1. Allometry and growth of eight tree taxa in United Kingdom woodlands.

Sapling DBH, D10, Height

Adult DBH, Height, Crown Height, Crown Radius

All Trees DBH Height Repeated Measures

Sapling DBH Growth, Light, D10

All Trees Growth

Canopy Openness

SORTIE UK Parameters

2. Effects of growth rate, size, and light availability on tree survival across life stages: a demographic analysis accounting for missing values.

MARK Input File for CJS Capture-Mark Recapture

Estimates of Survival Beta 1 and Beta 2 updating results in Moustakas and Evans (2015) with data 1992-2014

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