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Where does it go? time it just vanishes and suddenly there’s the end of the month and what has been done? Luckily Aris has managed to submit one of his target papers - the tree mortality paper has gone to Journal of Ecology. As usual its just about crossing fingers now. For anyone who was wondering the grant application failed - too risky apparently. Might try sending it elsewhere. Greg and I went off to Wytham - to discover that there are very few seedlings there! and to get absolutely soaked. But Greg has his first robust results - we can now show that the change in the growing season that is expected as a result of climate change is likely to result in the loss of pine trees from the modeled forest in North America, he is checking the data now but it also looks like there might be changes in the total number of trees too. Nana Li and Liu Yu are progressing through the first stages of their data analyses and revealing some interesting things about their populations of swallows.

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