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Janus, of course, was the Roman god after whom January is named and looked both forwards and backwards at the same time. The end of 2013 was marked by work on a research proposal that, to be honest, is largely Aris’ idea. This is a neat idea that combines data collection on tree growth at different points in their range and modelling. We are aiming for a submission later in January. The London NERC DTP started work in December too and we are now busy advertising a large set of PhD’s into the consortium. But all of this was pushed into the small amounts of time that were available while the duties and responsibilities of a Head of School crowded into as much of the available day as they could. Having almost reached the mid point of the first month of the year, the siren clamour of Head of School activities is demanding attention. I must steel myself to ignore it for sufficient time to get some research done.

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