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Over a month since my last entry to this blog has seen me in one week in Boston at a personalised medicine conference and in another In Beijing at the invitation of Prof Zhang of the North China Electric Power University. Both trips were interesting. The former was really an attempt to educate myself about genomics and medicine and I came away rather depressed at the standards being employed. In particular the unscientific approach to the problem, which as far as I could see would result in anything being produced not being publishable in even the lowest rated ecology journal. In China it was me doing the talking - giving a seminar on predicting the ecological impacts of climate change. However, most of the time I was being well looked after and seeing the sights of Beijing. The Great Wall is just amazing and the cold day ensured that there were very few other people visiting it and as you can see we had it much to ourselves. We also went to the Forbidden City in the centre of Beijing - a beautiful place that did serve to emphasise the distance their must have been between the emperors and the people they ruled. We are hoping to build on this relationship over the next few years and so we will have to see what the eventual results of this trip will be.

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