End of the academic year

The end of the academic year is always busy, lots of things that have been put off raise their heads again and need to be resolved. The main research work for the last few weeks though was finalising and submitted a NERC standard project grant, which finally got the button pressed to send to to Swindon last Monday. Fingers crossed now for a test of phenotypic plasticity in foraging behaviour as a response to climate change. Aside from that, the TREE articles proofs are done and it is out on line and the last ostrich paper was accepted by BES. Keith Kirby has sent us his long run dataset from Wytham, which I think we can use to look at tree mortality patterns. Greg is especially interested in using it to look for an effect of droughts in order to include this impact into the climate change models. I need to decide now what to spend my summer working on, there is the lecture for INTECOL of course, but I think it may be time to finish the zebra finch genomics work.

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